The first one! :)

it’s been a while that i have been pondering about ways for my introduire, and finally i’m there!! 🙂

Hello, readers! this birthday i made my elder brother a mini’album – i had been searching some ideas for making him a gift, and saw some very cute mini albums on the internet and i decided to go with it.

one night of designing the whole idea, two nights in a row of rigorous cutting  and pasting, and another half a day of bathing in the glitter(i swear i didn’t do it to  look like the Cullens :p). After throwing a fit of anger (at something so foolish i dont even remember :D) and bearing the consequences (:D), i made this:

happy birthday mini album

My apologies for the poor photography.. u see, i’m no good at the lighting.

The first leaf is a star cut-out from cardboard i got from a stationary store nearby, and just covered in dark blue glitter.

slightly quilled strips of black of width 5 mm, in the shape “happy birthday” (you develop your own fonts while quilling. and that’s quite great fun! 🙂 )

star leaf

Why blue? coz it looks robust. Just like the birthday guy.

this is a picture of my brother taken 3-4 years back, and behind it i have pasted a page that has written all the names by which he is called, viz., “dadu(by me), dadurao(me again), ranu(mum, dad and my elder sister), aaho(the wife!), and baabaababababaaa(his twin kids! well they havnt started calling him that yet in spite of my constant efforts, nevertheless.)”. i created a word page containing  the above text and copied it as an image, then edited and added special effects to it in Photoscape(i love this software) and cut out the border to give it the rough look.

The one that was damaged:


this is the leaf that i had i looked forward to making the most as i have a fascination with wires and sparkling stars(and the foto i had chosen was of my 2 supacute neices), bt ended up spoiling it.:(

Anyway, the stars are one of my favourite cute DIYs of all time. i’ll shortly be uploading a simple tutorial for making them.

"Gandhiji k teen bandar"

can anyone please tell how i can rotate this damn foto?? 😀

This one is a photograph of the three of us siblings:)

this ones a b’day wish from my sister Shital, and her son, Viren. isn’t he just cute? 🙂

On the left, is a transparency cut out and a simple heart drawn by permanent marker. On the right, is my birthday wish to bhaiyya. 🙂 The decoration of this one was by accident in fact. i had just piled up my stuff around me, and saw these silver sticks on the purple chart paper. loved it! used it! 🙂 Purple and Silver’s the new combo for me.

i have this weird knack of ending everything on some comedy note:

"bas ki aata kiti azun"

😀 and with that, done.

I believe colors are the best expressions; and to give someone something you make is the best gift you cud give. and the satisfaction you get throughout the work- pleasing. 🙂


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  1. aastha ahuja says:

    awsome start…was really w8ing for this since quite long…m sure this blog would really help an un-creative human like me..!!!!..:P….keep up the good work n bringing in such interesting stuff…!!!

    1. 😀 i believe every individual has a creative mind… all that matters is which direction you channel it in…
      And i sure know you are so creative yourself 🙂

    1. thank you so much for giving your precious time and going through the blog! keep visiting. and commenting. 🙂

  2. Mayura says:

    Nice one, Shalaka! From where do you get all these ideas and loads of patience?!

    1. thank you! 🙂
      the ideas? well, i have an ocean of inspirational ideas from all the sites on the right.. and patience? Engineering my dear, engineering. 😉

  3. artclubblog says:

    Lovely! Keep on creating, and thanks for visiting my blog!

    1. thanks a lot! and i loved your blog. keep visiting! 🙂

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