The Comeback post :p

Okay, now seriously, who starts a blog and doesn’t come back for three months straight? Me, i know.. but I’ve had my reasons..! Ruddy exams and all.. sigh.

Never mind.. Now that I am free, finally, i’m gonna be on a crafting and blogging spree! 🙂

First up.. a good news! recently i have been gawking at people’s stamping and art journaling projects and i really, REALLY wanted to have some good markers to get me going.. And then i came across Art and Sole, a blog by Darcy Wilkinson. She had this wonderful set of promarkers for giveaway, which I WON! Yay!! 😀 (thank you letraset too, btw! 🙂 ) i was dying to get my hands on them!

And finally, after ten uber-long days of waiting, it came today. The parcel.

promarkers seasonal set

seasonal setI could hardly wait to put them on paper!! But then there was a glitch in my happiness. As soon as i started doodling with them, I found out that they bled through almost all types of paper I had.. 😦

After a bit of searching on the internet I found that supplies Letraset bleedproof paper.. that is it then! order sent! 🙂 now i have to wait only one more day to get journalling :)! But you know how impatient i am.. i have started doodling on plastic film coated paper now. :pfirst doodle

I draw like a 5 year old toddler.. I know. But heyy, it was just a rough doodle, alright! (ahem!) anyways,…

if you are fond of stamping, you should totally check out Alison‘s site for free digital stamps.

free digital stamps

(no need to say thanks (wink, wink 🙂 ))

Next up – a post with the tutorial for chibi stars. Finally. 🙂 Till then, happy holidays! And enjoy the cold weather! 🙂


comments, anyone? :>

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