As “chibi” as it gets!

About time as well! Long back (in this post), i had promised you that i’d put up a tutorial for chibi stars. So, in today’s post, we’ll be learning to make the cutest, yet simplest stars. 🙂 not much of rambling today. (did someone exclaim “Yay!”?  :/ ) ( 😀 )

okay, so straight to the point—!

suppliescut strips

The wider the strip, the bigger the star will be. I suggest you to try different widths so you get a better idea. But remember, if you are varying the width of the strip, you need to vary the length as well.loopknot_1knot_2small end

long endcontinue to get pentagon(Note: if you are hyper excited or too anxious, you may mess up the pentagon. If you do, dont worry! Just unwrap the pentagon until you get the correct pentagonal shape and start wrapping again!)press on edgegently. okay? GENTLY. And don’t exert pressure on the remaining edges while you do so.
last step

you have your star! 🙂

chubbysimple! Bring in your markers….
(*drum roll please..*)

this is just one way to decorate the stars. You can
1. splash some watercolor onto them.. or
2. spray paint with metallic colors,

glitterAnd the last, but the MOST IMPORTANT step:100s!

^_^  enjoy! 🙂


comments, anyone? :>

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