Ages later..

Hello dear readers!

It has been such a long while that I have blogged, and I now feel like I am writing for the first time in my life. So much water has flown under the bridge in the past 2 and a half years! I passed graduation (hurray! :D), worked at Cummins India Ltd., and I am married (Yes! :D) , and moved to Nanded city in Maharashtra.

And boy does time fly. Zoop.

So, now that I have settled and am having a different and very comforting work time zone, I can finally devote myself to my passion of crafts at my leisure.

So, since quite a lot has changed around lately, I think we need a change of platform here too. This blog will be revamped soon and back in action and I am very excited to see it up and running (without a stop now pinky promise. :D) !

Hope everyone has been doing good. See you soon!




comments, anyone? :>

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