Loved and adored <3

Hi everyone!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the lovely ladies out there, the real superheroes.

Mother is one of the most significant persons in our life. The relationship that we share with her is beyond any words. She is the source of unconditional love that nurtures us throughout our life. She shows us the right path, following which we can achieve everything that we desire in our life.
She makes our life truly meaningful and beautiful. We need to make sure that she is feeling loved and needed always. She does not need grand gestures, just a thoughtful one can do!

Today’s layout is a really heartfelt one, dedicated to my mom. She is such an amazing woman and a compassionate person, who was always by my side by thick or thin. I always feel I take her my mother for granted.. Never appreciate her for her efforts she put in to make me a good human, to provide for all my needs and wants.
So on this mother’s day I take the pledge to make my mother smile more and suffer less, laugh more and worry less. Love her and tell her what she means to me!

Mom is a senior in parenting now, having been promoted to a grandmom of four 😀

Here’s the page:

You are a part of my heart ❤

Words cannot describe how much I hold you dear to me ❤




comments, anyone? :>

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