Frintables-2 ^_^

Oh, hi there! Glad you are back. I have another free printable for you! 🙂


You are a Star fish. Yes you are. Why not? You can be a badass sea horse if you like. I am a coral myself 😉 😀

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TGIF! {and a free printable!}

Hello all!

Thank god it’s finally the end of the week. The last couple of days were crazy work-laden. So no time for scrapbooking this week and that made me really sad. But I decided to make it count this weekend and came up with an idea!

I am starting this new series called Frintables (Punny I am. Amused you might not be.) in which I will share a brand new printable every Friday. Why this particular day, you ask? because friday is about happiness! and friiii stuff (Ok sorry, I’ll try to restrain myself from any more awesome puns *rolls eyes*)

Here’s your free printable for today. Click on the image and you will be directed to the download link. Enjoy!