TGIF! {and a free printable!}

Hello all!

Thank god it’s finally the end of the week. The last couple of days were crazy work-laden. So no time for scrapbooking this week and that made me really sad. But I decided to make it count this weekend and came up with an idea!

I am starting this new series called Frintables (Punny I am. Amused you might not be.) in which I will share a brand new printable every Friday. Why this particular day, you ask? because friday is about happiness! and friiii stuff (Ok sorry, I’ll try to restrain myself from any more awesome puns *rolls eyes*)

Here’s your free printable for today. Click on the image and you will be directed to the download link. Enjoy!





Early lessons with Dad.

Hello again!

I have a wonderful family. An awesome brother, and two cutest fairies for nieces. This photograph of them makes me think of how wonderful the relation of a father and a daughter is and always gives warmth to my heart. ❤

Here’s the page-



When potterhead scrapbooker met modelling paste!

Hi all! (*waves frantically*)

How have you been? I have been awesome. Been on two long vacations; relaxed in one and had crazy fun with family in the other! Missed scrapbooking though. So as soon as I came back I jumped right at the new order of gesso and modeling paste that was waiting for me!!

Being inspired by watching Wilna Furstenberg’s process videos, I decided to try modeling paste myself. Using it was a very new and helluva ( 😀 ) experience. First, I spent days reading about all the mediums like light and heavy modeling paste, gel medium, texture paste and crackle paste and so on. Then I gave up and randomly ordered the first type of modeling paste I laid eyes on on creative hands (because really, you cannot understand these mediums just by reading on the internet. You need to actually work with them and feel the texture, understand their nature and how they dry etc.)

So onto my layout- This one is about me and (one of) my best friend(s), Anannya. We are such Harry Potter fanatics! 😀 We love love love the books. All the characters. The movies too. And most of all Snape!

I decided to create a stencil of my most favourite paragraph from the story (from The Prince’s Tale, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) and use it on the background to apply the paste- Believe me, the moment I had the concept, it was like a brainfreeze 😀 I’m not lying!

The patterned paper from Heidi Swapp’s September Skies Collection prettied up the plain cardstock in an instant. Used Bits and pieces from Simple Stories and Acrylic pieces from Heidi Swapp and fashioned out a bow from a golden wire. The title ‘Potterhead’ was designed and cut out using S note and silhouette portrait, then covered with a thick layer of gesso.

Here’s the page-

Always ❤

From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe. She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.
“After all this time?”
“Always,” said Snape.




Loved and adored <3

Hi everyone!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the lovely ladies out there, the real superheroes.

Mother is one of the most significant persons in our life. The relationship that we share with her is beyond any words. She is the source of unconditional love that nurtures us throughout our life. She shows us the right path, following which we can achieve everything that we desire in our life.
She makes our life truly meaningful and beautiful. We need to make sure that she is feeling loved and needed always. She does not need grand gestures, just a thoughtful one can do!

Today’s layout is a really heartfelt one, dedicated to my mom. She is such an amazing woman and a compassionate person, who was always by my side by thick or thin. I always feel I take her my mother for granted.. Never appreciate her for her efforts she put in to make me a good human, to provide for all my needs and wants.
So on this mother’s day I take the pledge to make my mother smile more and suffer less, laugh more and worry less. Love her and tell her what she means to me!

Mom is a senior in parenting now, having been promoted to a grandmom of four 😀

Here’s the page:

You are a part of my heart ❤

Words cannot describe how much I hold you dear to me ❤



Wow- Doge meme scrapbook page by Shalaka Deshmukh Tehra on

So Doge. Wow. Much funny.

Hi everyone!

Remember the time when the internet boomed with memes? I love memes. Especially Doge and Derpina… They’re so awkward and funny 😀

So today’s layout features a very Doge’y’ characteristic. the photographs are from the time I and two of my besties had a girls get together and celebrated galentines :-D. We are always into talking funny (& punny) stuff and love PJs. (not pajamas! PJs are “pathetic jokes” :-P)

So here’s the page:

Wow- Doge meme scrapbook page by Shalaka Deshmukh Tehra on

On this layout I prepared the background using Mix & Match gelatos from Faber Castell (guava, bubblegum and lavender) and have used die cut cardstock from the I AM- Bits and pieces kit from Simple Stories. Also, I cut out the conversation balloon from a vellum paper using my Silhouette Portrait.

The black printed circles and heart is cut out from a cardstock packaging that had my new dress in (Hey, don’t judge me. That was some cool packaging I just couldn’t throw out!).

Wow- Doge meme scrapbook page by Shalaka Deshmukh Tehra on

Such Page.

I learned quite some lessons while working on this page. Firstly, you should always keep all (and only the ones that are necessary) supplies handy when working on a project. Second, never ever keep water near your silhouette. I repeat- NEVER. I had some bad experiences regarding this(ahem). Thirdly, try a swatch on the paper you are working on whenever you use gelatos, before you use them on the page. And finally, understand which markers/pens are suitable for the surface media you’ll be writing on.

In spite of mistakes and the failing of my feeble attempts to set them right, i think the page turned out pretty fine. 🙂

I think the die cut words are the star of this page. I designed and created the doge words cut file in my silhouette studio, and cut out three copies of the same words on a thick cardstock (250 gsm, local find) and stuck them together, with a black cut out word on top. The final thickness was around 4 mm, which is like really thick.

Wow- Doge meme scrapbook page by Shalaka Deshmukh Tehra on

I absolutely adore how the cut words give dimension to the project. They look very robust and stand out prominently, and at the same time incorporate my handwriting to the page which gives a more personal touch. Here’s some more pictures giving a closer look at the die cut words-

Wow- Doge meme scrapbook page by Shalaka Deshmukh Tehra on wordpress.comWow- Doge meme scrapbook page by Shalaka Deshmukh Tehra on wordpress.comWow- Doge meme scrapbook page by Shalaka Deshmukh Tehra on wordpress.comWow- Doge meme scrapbook page by Shalaka Deshmukh Tehra on

See you next week!

Much love,


Falling in love with scrapbooking!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to be working with this new platform. It’s wonderful. Today I will be talking about my new passion, scrapbooking. I am in love with it. I am not really new to the concept, but this is my first time with different supplies other than just paper and wires and glue. Also, I am blogging about it for the first very time.. So let me know in the comments if you like my work.

Something about how I fell in love with it- it was because of pinterest, and the lovely Wilna Fursternberg. I had been following her work and drooling, and never had the courage to create my own pages, but after months of gawking I finally decided to act. So I got my own supplies and got everything together, became a bit organised and planned about everything and it then just happened.

I fell in love with it.

The idea of preserving photographs has always appealed to me, and what would be even better than prettifying (is that even a word?) the pictures other than scrapbooking?!

Here are some shots of my first ever page. The photograph has me and my Husband of almost a year in it, and I love this photo.

<3 US- Scrapbook page by Shalaka Deshmukh on wordpress

<3 US- Scrapbook page by Shalaka Deshmukh on wordpress

<3 US- Scrapbook page by Shalaka Deshmukh on wordpress

<3 US- Scrapbook page by Shalaka Deshmukh on wordpress

<3 US- Scrapbook page by Shalaka Deshmukh on wordpress

<3 US- Scrapbook page by Shalaka Deshmukh on wordpress

❤ US by Shalaka Deshmukh Tehra on

I just love how the gold accents come through and give a different look to the layout. I think I will be working quite often with the “I AM” bits and pieces.

All the supplies used are listed below-

1. Color magic resist chipboard alphabet by Heidi Swapp

2. Papus Brads- Sunshine

3. I Am Bits & Pieces Die-Cuts -With Gold Accents

4. DIY Boutique Chipboard stickers by Simple Stories

5. Flatback Pearls by

This is my first attempt; I have a long way to go. I am willing to learn from my mistakes, and create beautiful messes. After all, what is art without a mess, right?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and a bearable Monday, now off to snooze through the whole week! 😀



Ages later..

Hello dear readers!

It has been such a long while that I have blogged, and I now feel like I am writing for the first time in my life. So much water has flown under the bridge in the past 2 and a half years! I passed graduation (hurray! :D), worked at Cummins India Ltd., and I am married (Yes! :D) , and moved to Nanded city in Maharashtra.

And boy does time fly. Zoop.

So, now that I have settled and am having a different and very comforting work time zone, I can finally devote myself to my passion of crafts at my leisure.

So, since quite a lot has changed around lately, I think we need a change of platform here too. This blog will be revamped soon and back in action and I am very excited to see it up and running (without a stop now pinky promise. :D) !

Hope everyone has been doing good. See you soon!